Smart Card
Maintenance Program

Customer Benefits

Services Performed

  • Oil Change: Parts and labor to change engine crankcase oil and replace engine oil filter
  • Chasis Lubrication: Parts and labor to lubricate key chassis parts
  • Fluids Check: Top-off under hood fluid levels, chassis and body lubrication
  • 18 Point Inspection: labor to inspect operation of all coolant hoses, visible drive belts, A/C system, horn, wiper blades, turn signals, headlights, exhaust manifolds, catalytic converter, exhaust system, tire pressure, brake hoses and lines, engine mounts, transmision mounts,cv-joint bolts, valve cover and battery condition, air filter
  • Taxes included: Applicable sales tax for parts and services performed.
Additional Benefits

  • Personalized Customer Smart Card
  • ASC Certified technicians at a Factory Authorized Dealership performing your maintenance work
  • Service records easily accessible
  • Discounts on service performed on customer's vehicle offered specifically to Smart Card Customers
  • Personalized welcome Letter
  • Flexible terms to meet all customers driving and maintenance needs
  • Customer can include the plan in their monthly payments at time of vehicle purchase
  • Customer may add additional services at any time